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We pride ourselves in family first, firefighters second, and t-shirt guys third, but we strive to provide our customers with quality designs, great customer support and products that don't look like every other firefighter/ems shirt out there. We started this venture after constantly seeing the highly generic firefighter shirts being sold at fire and ems conferences and in stores, cheap roadside wildland fire shirts that all look the same, and the beaten horse designs like "Keep Calm..." and "I Kick Ash". We wanted a firefighter shirt that said "I'm a firefighter" proudly!! So, we started with one design, the Maltese Splatter. After printing it, the demand for that shirt and more designs prompted us to begin our BomberoDesigns.com adventure.
We design unique shirts and print them on high quality shirts. 
We get a lot of questions about our name! Why Bombero? We did a lot of research before settling on a business name. Google "firefighter shirt" and you'll get nearly a million hits. So, we wanted something that was firefighter related but didn't exactly say firefighter. So we started translating. Pompier was a one of the first ideas but we decided it sounded too... well, French. But Bombero, it rolls off your tongue and it's fun to say, especially if you attempt to throw some accent in there with it. Now, Google "Bombero Shirt" and you get.... US!  And, just FYI the only languages we can speak are English and Firefighter.
We are excited to continuously expand our business and our product list. We love trying out different products and bringing our customers something new to check out every time they visit our website!
Thanks for checking us out!
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Contact: info@bomberodesigns.com